Brook-Hubbard-CropThe Foundation awards scholarships to qualified persons to assist with the cost of attending Mountain Empire Community College. These awards are based on criteria such as financial need and academic promise, and are available to persons who are enrolled or intend to enroll in specific programs. Scholarship recipients are selected by the MECC Office of Financial Aid.

Most students attending MECC qualify for some form of financial assistance, and MECC scholarships typically “fill in the gaps” in federal and state student aid programs.  To encourage students’ progress through their chosen academic programs, most scholarships are awarded in two installments to cover expenses in the fall and spring semesters.

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AIMS Higher Scholarship Program

MECC established the AIMS Higher Scholarship Program, with financial support from the Virginia Tobacco Commission, to encourage high school students within the MECC service region to complete a challenging curriculum and to pursue higher education.  Students who graduate from high school and meet program criteria are eligible to receive scholarship assistance sufficient to complete an Associate’s Degree (up to 72 credit hours within 3 years), with no out of pocket costs for tuition and fees.  The MECC Foundation supplements Tobacco Commission funding for the AIMS Higher Scholarship program each year in order to ensure that sufficient funding is available to serve all eligible high school graduates in the region that choose to attend MECC.  To date, the program has served more than 1,100 students.

Student Emergency Assistance

The Student Emergency Assistance Program provides grants and loans to assist MECC students with financial emergencies that threaten their ability to remain in college.  Student Emergency Assistance funds have assisted students with car repairs, utility bills, housing costs, healthcare expenses, and other needs.  The MECC Foundation received grant funds from Scholarship America to begin the program, and continues to raise funds to address growing students needs over time.